EuroPi for AE modular

inspired by this forum post and the open-source EuroPi design by Allen Synthesis

the main goals:

first prototype

hand-soldered, manually wired on two layers of stripboard to form a sandwich


not working:

second prototype

better-quality board, correct dimensions, slightly more sensible wiring layout. accidentally killed the pico while trying to make some changes... it was going well until then.

still causing problems:

third prototype

optimised the layout again, this one earned a makeshift front panel

everything was working pretty well here, so time to proceed to easyEDA! because of all the wiring underneath this has to sit a little higher in the case than standard TW modules, but i figure a printed PCB will resolve this


first pcb build

first time pcb making... SMT op-amps saves quite a lot of space. all functions working as expected (after calibration)

want to build your own? gerber files, bom, and pick & place files available here.

putting it all together: build guide

schematic for aeuropi module


having built a few of these now, i can spot a few small amends for future revisions: