kudos to matt kuebrich for his excellent roundabout diy synth project

i recommend building one, it's a lot of fun, and good soldering practice...

i built three of these, so when i realised the dimensions were almost exactly right for AE modular, i decided to hack one apart to host it in my rack.

there were just a few adjustments required:

i think the diode could also be removed - this is causing the voltage to drop slightly below 5v, so probably impacting the sound somewhat. however, i haven't tried this yet.

standard dupont cables don't interface very well with the AE pin sockets (in fact, the socket can be damaged by them), so i made a very simple little dupont-to-AE converter by taking one of each type of connector and soldering them together. not pretty, but it works.

decided this needed a frontpanel. thanks to matt for providing the original easyEDA files to reference for the dimensions. i haven't tried this out yet, but will throw a few in my next JLCPCB order. if it fits ok i'll include the gerber on my github page.