an adaptation of the pikocore music mangler by infinitedigits

a simple, lo-fi sample looper and slicer, with selectable effects including bitcrush, filter, timestretch etc.

upload your own sample sets using the simple web-based firmware customizer. samples will be automatically split into slices based on beats, so it works best with relatively uncluttered drum loops.


eight trigger inputs

audio out

clock in & out

eight panel buttons for slice selection

setting up

pikocore arrives pre-built, so you only need to flash your chosen raspberry pi pico or pico clone, and insert it into the module.

make sure you insert it in the correct orientation - the usb socket should be facing to the top of the module.

setup is easy. use the handy firmware customiser on zach's pikocore site, choose your samples [your choice of pico will determine how many samples will fit] and hit upload. a custom .uf2 file will be generated which you can drag and drop onto your pico, and after a few seconds the device will start running - you should see the LEDs progressing.